FPC 2023 Spring Member Meeting

Mar 20, 2023 - Mar 21, 2023
12:00 pm - 3:30 pm
The Spring Member Meeting will bring together FPC members for two days filled with presentations on the most pressing issues in faster payments, panel discussions with industry experts, roundtables on timely topics, and engaging networking opportunities. This in-person event will take place on March 20-21, 2023, at the Loews Kansas City Hotel. 
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                                                                                                  MEETING AGENDA
Monday, March 20

12:30pm-12:40pmCT: Opening Remarks (City Beautiful Ballroom AB)
Speakers: Michael Bilski, FPC Board Chairperson; Reed Luhtanen, FPC Executive Director

12:45pm-1:20pmCT: Panel Session – The Next Step for Faster Payments: Interoperability (City Beautiful Ballroom AB)
It’s time to prepare for the launch of FedNow. With the system joining the existing RTP system, both promising to modernize the way money moves and allow for greater use of instant payments, it seems the shift to real-time payments is 'inevitable'. Whether we will see these services gain traction is tied to what many believe to be a major hurdle–interoperability. FedNow may not interoperate with RTP, and it doesn’t seem to be a priority for either. Some banks may not be able to connect to both.
Speakers: Elizabeth McQuerry, Glenbrook Partners; Mike Sklow, Goldman Sachs; Samson Rajan; JP Morgan; Miriam Sheril, Form3

1:25pm-2:10pmCT: Panel Session – Business End-Users Mega Use Cases (City Beautiful Ballroom AB)
As more capabilities become available for faster payments, business end users are finding creative ways to use the services. From instant payroll to paying claims to reoccurring billing, faster payments opens up new experiences for business end users. Come here from a panel of business users on how they are considering using faster payments and what else needs to be implemented to make their desired use cases come to life.

Speakers: John Drechny, Merchant Advisory Group; Matt Howarter, Walmart

2:10pm-2:30pmCT: Networking Break (City Beautiful Foyer)

2:30pm-3:10pmCT: Concurrent Breakout Session – Central Bank Digital Currency Initiatives: A Deeper Dive (City Beautiful C)
Roughly 90 percent of the world’s central banks are pursuing central bank digital currency (CBDC) projects. These projects are taking different implementation approaches. Some are retail, some are wholesale, some are domestic, some are regional, and some are cross border. The panel will explore some of these initiatives including the New York Fed's CBDC pilot program with major banks, the recently concluded Boston Fed’s Project Hamilton and other global CBDC projects.

2:30pm-3:10pmCT: Concurrent Breakout Session – New Ways to Kill the Paper Check Once and For All (Northland)
This panel will
discuss ways that businesses and FIs can take to digitize and AI process checks and corresponding remittance detail, including secure email and dropbox; online/mobile scan to send or scan on receipt of check image; conversion of check image beyond ACH and Remote Deposit Capture; and linking remittances sent with or separately for any method of payment.
Speakers: Angela Murphy, Photon Commerce; Steve Wasserman, Vments

3:10pm-3:20pmCT: Networking Break (City Beautiful Foyer)

3:20pm-4:00pmCT: Panel Session – ISO 20022: Exploring the Impact of the New Data Schema on the Payments Ecosystem (City Beautiful Ballroom AB)
Join this expert panel as they explore ISO 20022, a new standardized messaging schema, set to improve processing, enrich data, and promote interoperability. Learn how to position ISO 20022 as a part of an organization’s broader payments modernization strategy. And understand the timing and projected rollout of ISO 20022 for industry participants, including government entities, financial institutions and businesses.
Speakers: Joanne Strobel, Wells Fargo; Michael Knorr; Wells Fargo; Anthony Walton, Iliad Solutions

4:05pm-4:45pmCT: Panel Session – 3 Key Success Factors for Instant Payments: Use Cases, Brand & Adoption (City Beautiful Ballroom AB)
Immediate, instant, real-time payments have been on everyone's lips in recent years. However, there is a large imbalance in adoption between countries around the world and can the US, therefore, see the growth that is possible. In this session we will study the use cases that can be successful for American banks, and how the power of branding can make all the difference to success. Instant Payments can become the ‘new normal’ in the US, but only if we learn from the rest of the world's success.
Speakers: Craig Ramsey, ACI Worldwide; Connie Theien, The Federal Reserve; Charles Harkness, Corporate One FCU; Andrew Gómez, Lipis Advisors

6:00pm-9:00pmCT: Evening Reception at No Other Pub, sponsored by Juniper Payments, A PSCU Company
Join us for a fun-filled networking event with fellow FPC Members. Food and drinks will be served along with activities including bowling, pool, water pong, foosball, shuffleboard, and golf simulators. No Other Pub is a short distance from the Loews Kansas City Hotel

Tuesday, March 21

8:00am-9:00amCT: Networking Breakfast (City Beautiful Ballroom AB)

9:00am-9:05amCT: Day 2 Kick Off (City Beautiful Ballroom AB)

9:05am-9:45amCT: Panel Session – The Real-Time Payments Revolution: A Roundtable Conversation (City Beautiful Ballroom AB)
Real-time payments impact nearly every payment service, payment experience, and payment system in place today. Financial institutions are witnessing technological change in digital payments, coupled with higher customer expectations for faster payments. The Clearing House has gained momentum with its RTP service. The Federal Reserve is close to launching FedNow. Zelle® has become a phenomenal success story. What are your options? Join our panel discussion on the real-time payments revolution.
Speakers: Justin Jackson, Fiserv; Dan Gonzalez, The Federal Reserve; Ryan Riveland, Early Warning; Keith Gray, The Clearing House

9:50am-10:30amCT: Panel Session – Taking Directories to the Next Level (City Beautiful Ballroom AB)
Alias directories are an important infrastructure needed to facilitate instant payments. Hear from a panel of industry leaders the latest developments with directories, including the challenges, international activities and interconnectivity of directories.
Speakers: Peter Tapling, PTap Advisory; Mary Taylor, Visa; Lou Grilli, PSCU

10:30am-10:45amCT: Networking Break (City Beautiful Foyer)

10:45am-11:25amCT: Concurrent Breakout Session – Hands-on Looks at the Future of Real-Time Payments (City Beautiful C)
This panel of speakers will discuss how real-time payments are gaining "hands-on" use in leading countries for deployment, including PIX in Brazil and PayNow in Singapore, and now in the U.S., especially in the gaming sector and for account loading applications. Experiences in other countries will also be discussed, but the focus will be on how real-time payments were pushed (by monetary authorities and participants) into the payments mainstream (e.g., C2B) to better capture the benefits of digital and mobile transacting, and how it's beginning to happen in the U.S., too. Speakers have direct experience they will share.
Speakers: Steve Mott, BetterBuyDesign; Sarah Hoisington, Matera; Dean Nolan, Fifth Third Bank; Moa Agrell, Trustly

10:45am-11:25amCT: Concurrent Breakout Session Disaster and Humanitarian Aid Payments - Payments as a Lifeline! (Northland)
Payments are critical to the 5 Rs of disasters: Readiness, Response, Recovery, Rebuild, Resilience. This requires WE be READY to mobilize to deliver funds in days not weeks. PaaL (501c3) engages Payments AND Funders - government, foundations, charities, insurance. Government is especially interested in PaaL payments as in 2024 “waste, fraud, & abuse are on the ballot”. Hear about dispersals – NY, FL, KY, Ukraine – what worked/didn’t & how YOU can participate in this $100B/year underserved market!

Speakers: Kirsten Trusko, PAAL; Kenneth Douglas, SKUx.io; Patricia Monteisi, Qolo

11:30am-12:30pmCT: Networking Lunch (City Beautiful Ballroom AB)

12:30pm-1:10pmCT: Panel Session – Please, No More Recorded Zoom Calls: How the Best Organizations Educate Their Customers and Employees on Faster Payments (City Beautiful Ballroom AB)
This panel of speakers will discuss how FIs are educating their employees and customers on faster payments. What's working, what isn't working, and how progressive FIs are changing the game.
Speakers: Kevin Miyamoto, Identifee; Lily Page, Silicon Valley Bank; Steve Douglas, The Clearing House; Glenn Wheeler, Catalyst Corporate FCU

1:10pm-1:40pmCT: Session – Faster Payments Educational Needs Assessment – FPC Member Round Tables (City Beautiful Ballroom AB)
This session will engage all Member Meeting attendees in a round-table discussion regarding the educational needs related to Faster Payments.
Speakers: FPC Education & Awareness Work Group (EAWG) members

1:40pm-2:00pmCT: Networking Break (City Beautiful Foyer)

2:00pm-2:40pmCT: Panel Session – Faster Payment Fraud Trends and Prevention Strategies (City Beautiful Ballroom AB)
A panel of experts will discuss how a rapid shift to faster payments creates vulnerabilities that fraudsters are exploiting. For example, fraudsters are attacking consumers and businesses through sophisticated social engineering or other techniques, tricking individuals or businesses into disclosing account credentials or making payments to accounts they control. Discussion of strategies to prevent authorized and unauthorized fraud and to protect the ecosystem.
Speakers: Liam Cooney, Mastercard; Lee Kyriacou, The Clearing House; Jorge Jimenez, Juniper Payments, A PSCU Company

2:45pm-3:25pmCT: Panel Session – PC Cross-Border Payments Panel: Infrastructure, Challenges, and Opportunities for Global Payments (City Beautiful Ballroom AB)
Cross-border payments have long represented a challenge for the payments industry. Differences in currency, time zones, infrastructure, laws, and regulation remain barriers to fast, efficient, affordable and accessible cross-border payments for businesses and consumers alike. As global markets become more accessible, legacy providers and innovators continue to target frictions to offer better cross-border payments options. Panelists will provider perspectives on correspondent banking strategies.
Speakers: Kandie Alter, The Federal Reserve; Rina Wulfing, Wise

3:30pm: Meeting Close (City Beautiful Ballroom AB)

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