The Path To Faster Payments Ubiquity Starts With You

What Some of Our Members Are Saying…

Small institutions and end users have a voice on the FPC. All stakeholder segments work together to make fair, inclusive decisions that benefit the overall industry.

Michael Bilski
Chief Executive Officer

The FPC has a significant role in developing the future of faster payments in the U.S. market, and that's one of the main reasons why Walmart is directly involved.

Matt Howarter
Senior Director, Payment Services

In representing the interests of community financial institutions, SHAZAM will work within the FPC to ensure they benefit from the FPC’s inclusive and collaborative approach to achieving ubiquity.

Kevin Christensen
Senior Vice President

United by a shared vision of faster payments ubiquity, diverse FPC members aim to achieve collaboratively what other countries can only do by mandate.

Bradley Wilkes

Bankers’ Bank’s strong support of community banking aligns with the FPC, bringing all stakeholders together to advance the efforts of modernizing the U.S. payment system.

Barbara Gross
Senior Vice President/CIO

I believe the most important thing for us to focus on as an industry in order to advance faster payments is collaboration; we have that at the FPC.

Josh Karoly
Director, Payments

Consumer groups have a strong voice in the FPC, with meaningful participation in Board decision-making, which confers opportunities for our perspectives to be heard on important issues related to consumer protections, end-user experiences, and financial inclusion.

Adam Rust
Senior Policy Advisor

NACHA complements the FPC's goals through its Payments Innovation Alliance and Afinis groups that have consistently supported payments improvement and education through their initiatives.

Jane Larimer
President and CEO

The US Faster Payments Council unites stakeholders from across the payments community, all working together to advance innovation and help ensure flexible, secure, and transparent faster payments. Wells Fargo is a beneficiary of that collective wisdom, and that’s why we are proud to play an integral role in this industry-led membership organization.

Sumit Arora
Head of Payments Ecosystem Enablement for Enterprise Payments Strategy, Wells Fargo

Through my work at FPC and other industry groups, I am a strong believer in the value of cross-industry stakeholder collaboration. The FPC is quite unique in this regard and has a role in establishing unique and valuable collaboration to solve problems and eliminate barriers for the good of all stakeholders. I am excited about collaborating within the FPC providing industry thought leadership to set agenda and priorities.

Deborah Baxley
Partner, Pay Guilty Advisors

When you get serious about considering and/or providing real-time payments for your customers, you have a Smorgasbord of people and companies and work groups that you can call upon to help you figure out how to do it--all in one organization. FPC is the first place you should stop to catch the real-time payments wave!

Steve Mott
Principal, BetterBuyDesign

Participation in the FPC provides the opportunity to have a voice and be engaged in shaping the next generation of payments.

Stuart Dwyer
Director, Global Payments Partnerships

The FPC provides opportunities for a broad and diverse group of stakeholders from across the payments ecosystem to come together, tackle critical issues, and increase industry awareness.

Tynika Wilson
SVP, Debit Card & Funds Services