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Why Join the Faster Payments Council?

The FPC is its Members. We are business end users, consumer organizations, financial institutions, payment network operators, technology providers, and other payments system stakeholders all committed to advancing ubiquitous faster payments in the U.S.

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Advancing the Mission

We have one goal, and that is to make faster payments a reality for all in the U.S. We work to achieve this through:

We work to foster better understanding of faster payments and confidence among providers and users to increase adoption.
Problem Solving
We tackle the toughest issues by encouraging honest dialogue and honoring differing views to get to the inclusive ideas and solutions that will enable faster payments for all. 
Industry Guidance
We identify and evaluate practices, principles and guidelines to enable new faster payments opportunities, increased security and greater access. 
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Supporting Needs and Enabling Opportunity for All Industry Segments  

Business End Users

With faster payments, consumer and business expectations are changing. Faster payments present new opportunities to increase visibility into payment status, faster funds availability, the potential to decrease costs, and more. FPC Membership allows you to have a voice in the future of faster payments, ensuring you can meet your customer demands.
Consumer Organizations

Your constituents want increased visibility into the status of transactions, quicker access to their money, and an accurate account of how much money they have at any given time. By joining the FPC, you can be part of the conversations and decisions that are shaping the future of faster payments, working to ensure that consumer needs are met as faster payments evolve.
Financial Institutions

As the trusted source for your customer’s banking and financial needs, it is more important than ever that you remain central to the payment relationship by meeting faster payments demands . By becoming part of the FPC, your institution can help lead faster payments efforts and advocate for the needs of your organization.
Payment Network Operators

You power the rails that make faster payments possible. But to ensure you are meeting the evolving needs of all users, you need a current pulse on changing expectations. FPC membership gives you direct access to all industry segments , allowing you to generate ideas and solutions that not only enhance the rails, but better the end-to-end payments experience.
Technology Providers

To meet growing faster payments needs, financial institutions and businesses look to you for the services that enable their faster payments offerings. By becoming part of the FPC, you can hear directly from those in need of your services. You can also advocate for your individual goals and drive outcomes that allow you to provide enhanced services to the industry.

Faster payments touch every segment of the financial services industry. Consultants and research firms need to understand the latest developments. Advocacy and regulatory groups need to know how advancements can impact current laws and regulations. Membership in the FPC allows you to make new connections, gain insider expertise and support your organization. 

Providing Value to Members

FPC membership provides you an opportunity to shape the future of faster payments and gain an edge in navigating the evolving faster payments landscape.

FPC members have access to the latest faster payments research, news and information, implementation support, and education and resources to fulfill their faster payments objectives.
Engage & Network
FPC members can participate in Work Groups  and committees to ensure their organizational needs and perspectives are considered, as well as to develop relationships with industry peers, potential partners, and customers.
We identify and evaluate practices, principles and guidelines to enable new faster payments opportunities, increased security and greater access. 

Every member voice is heard equally, and every member impacts the future of faster payments. By joining the FPC, your organization can influence the dialogue and decisions around these topics to help ensure outcomes that allow you to reap the full organizational benefits faster payments can provide.

Current Member List

Becoming a Member

Cost of membership in the FPC is based on your organization type/industry segment. To learn more or to start your application, click here  or email FPC Member Services