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Welcome to the Faster Payments Knowledge Center – a comprehensive suite of resources, tools, news, and research to further faster payments learning. The Knowledge Center is a one-stop repository of all things faster payments designed for anyone seeking more information as they consider implementation.

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Beneficial Characteristics Desirable in a Directory Service

Developed by the FPC Directory Models Work Group, this white paper offers a foundation for conversation about the specific characteristics required in a directory that seeks to maximize the economic benefits of faster payments for payors, payees, and all participants in the payments ecosystem.  LOGIN
The Economic Benefits of an Independent, Interoperable Directory for Faster Payments

Developed by the FPC Directory Models Work Group, this white paper looks at several areas by which a directory may establish economic benefits, both incremental revenue and cost savings, and attempts to quantify those benefits.  LOGIN
Faster Payments Glossary of Terms

Developed by the Education & Awareness Work Group, the Faster Payments Glossary of Terms includes a list of over 180 well-defined terms that are most relevant to the faster payments industry.  LOGIN
Consumer End-User Safety & Security FAQs

Developed by the FPC Safety & Security Work Group, the Consumer End-User FAQs resource serves as a tool that financial institutions – and service providers – can use to educate their consumer customers about the differences between faster payments and traditional payments.  LOGIN
Real-Time Payments: A Priority for Financial Institutions
Nov 24, 2021
This white paper, commissioned by Fiserv, Inc. and produced by Javelin Strategy & Research, underscores that financial institutions do not need to focus resources on convincing consumers that real-time payments are worthwhile because they already und...
Why Interoperability is Important for Faster Payments
Jun 23, 2021
Developed in partnership with Glenbrook Partners, this research report explores why interoperability is important to industry stakeholders. ...
Cross-Border Faster Payments
Jun 14, 2021
Developed by the FPC Cross-Border Payments Work Group, this white paper addresses use case and experience requirements for cross-border faster payments, particularly along the dimensions of speed, cost, ubiquity, transparency, and risk....
Prime Time for Real-Time 2021
Mar 30, 2021
ACI Worldwide’s Prime Time for Real-Time 2021 report explores how different markets are adopting real-time payments and what barriers they're overcoming, and see emerging innovations in the ecosystem....
The State of Play in U.S. Faster Payments
Jan 26, 2021
Developed by the FPC Network Committee, the State of Play in U.S. Faster Payments industry report provides an update on the market for instant and immediate payments services in the United States...
2021 Real-Time Payments Market Insight Report
Dec 15, 2020
Levvel’s 2021 Real-Time Payments Market Insight Report explores RTP for modernizing business processes. This report provides a guide to the many use cases of RTP for businesses....
AFP Payments Guide: The Changing Face of Cross-Border Payments
Dec 09, 2020
Cross-border payments are vital to the overall global payments infrastructure. But while new initiatives and payments technology innovations have emerged in recent years to move cross-border payments forward, multiple obstacles remain in place and ne...
2020 Faster Payments Barometer
Dec 07, 2020
The 2020 Faster Payments Barometer is the 2nd annual study designed to gauge faster payments advancements in the United States. Results from the 2020 survey revealed how respondents are using faster payments today, the challenges facing their organi...
Accelerating The Real-Time Payments Demand Curve
Nov 19, 2020
Accelerating The Real-Time Payments Demand Curve: What Banks Need To Know About What Consumers Want And Need, a PYMNTS and Alacriti collaboration, examines consumers’ understanding of real-time payments and the methods they use for different types of...
Flavors of Fast 2020
Oct 16, 2020
FIS has released its Flavors of Fast 2020 report. It’s packed with exclusive insights from industry insiders and bold predictions for how faster payments will continue to evolve, along with their annual analysis of notable movements on real-time sche...
Examining Faster Payments Fraud Prevention
Jul 29, 2020
Developed by the FPC Fraud Information Sharing Work Group, this research white paper takes a fresh look at the current fraud themes and trends, and approaches for mitigating these risks in a faster payments environment. ...
Faster Payments and the Potential to Transform Consumer Bill Pay
Jul 21, 2020
Developed in partnership with Glenbrook, this research white paper takes a close look at the two main models that serve the consumer bill pay industry today: biller direct model and bank bill pay model. The paper also explores how Request for Payment...