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Welcome to the Faster Payments Knowledge Center – a comprehensive suite of resources, tools, news, and research to further faster payments learning. The Knowledge Center is a one-stop repository of all things faster payments designed for anyone seeking more information as they consider implementation.

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  • Consumer End-User Safety & Security FAQs
  • Transparency Guidelines for PSPs – Business Transactions
  • Transparency Guidelines for PSPs – Consumer Transactions
Flavors of Fast 2020
Oct 16, 2020
FIS has released its Flavors of Fast 2020 report. It’s packed with exclusive insights from industry insiders and bold predictions for how faster payments will continue to evolve, along with their annual analysis of notable movements on real-time sche...
Examining Faster Payments Fraud Prevention
Jul 29, 2020
Developed by the FPC Fraud Information Sharing Work Group, this research white paper takes a fresh look at the current fraud themes and trends, and approaches for mitigating these risks in a faster payments environment. ...
Faster Payments and the Potential to Transform Consumer Bill Pay
Jul 21, 2020
Developed in partnership with Glenbrook, this research white paper takes a close look at the two main models that serve the consumer bill pay industry today: biller direct model and bank bill pay model. The paper also explores how Request for Payment...
Leveraging ISO 20022: Models for Early Adopters
Jul 13, 2020
Our friends at 20022 Labs recently released a free discussion paper titled "Leveraging ISO 20022: An early-adopters’ guide to data rich payments.” It’s a great resource to help any FPC member think through how they can capture the benefits of ISO 200...
Faster Payments Interoperability
Jun 03, 2020
Developed by the FPC Network Committee, this white paper explores different models that can connect systems together to achieve payments interoperability such as point of origination, network to network, or with an intermediary, and how settlement co...
Financial Institution Safety & Security FAQs
Apr 13, 2020
Developed by the FPC Safety & Security Work Group, the Financial Institution FAQs resource provides key terms and definitions to support faster payments understanding. In addition, it provides information to help FIs understand the safety and securit...
Faster Payments Playbook
Mar 20, 2020
The Faster Payments Playbook is an online educational and decisioning platform to assist banks and credit unions develop a faster payments strategy from concept to reality....
Faster Payments Barometer
Mar 20, 2020
The Faster Payments Barometer is a longitudinal study designed to gauge faster payments advancements over the course of the next three years. ...
Introduction to ISO 20022
Mar 18, 2020
The purpose of this white paper is to provide clarity and dispel some of the myths surrounding ISO 20022 for payments and to illustrate the benefits and challenges of converting current Nacha formats to ISO 20022 messages for U.S. Network transaction...