Work Groups Are Where It's At!

Are you interested in having a voice on issues that currently stand in the way of achieving faster payments ubiquity in the United States? The FPC is currently recruiting members for six work groups:

Education & Awareness

Develops an educational and awareness program to foster better understanding of faster payments and confidence among providers and users, ultimately driving adoption and transaction volumes, toward the industry goal of ubiquity.
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Fraud Information Sharing

Works with existing fraud sharing forums to identify enhancements that will make the current processes more efficient and effective, with an aim towards fostering better user experiences, bolstering confidence and trust in faster payments, and facilitating faster reaction times to address threats to the ecosystem.

Identifies and analyzes laws, regulations, and legislative proposals that may impact faster payments, and considers options as to how to support and accelerate the adoption of faster payments. 
Directory Models

Evaluates information, including reports produced by other industry-led work groups, intended to identify and assess an approach for best practices across directory models and/or dependent platforms for the faster payments ecosystem.
Cross Border Payments

Engages organizations currently working on cross border payments and gathers information on what is needed to align the operating policies and requirements of the currently disparate local faster payments systems.
QR Code Interface

Facilitates the adoption and usage of faster payments by developing a QR code template for use by end users and financial institutions.