Solution Provider Survey

Section 1 of 10: Basic Info

Please provide the survey respondent's name and company. THESE FIELDS ARE REQUIRED

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Following are several sections of information that dive into the details of your solution that you can share and which we can include in the Faster Payments Knowledge Center solution provider content repository.

For each of the Yes/No like questions throughout the survey - the following responses are applicable:

  • Y = available
  • N = not available
  • IA = indirectly available
  • NA = doesn't apply
  • Planned = under development
  • Consideration = TBD/researching
  • Customizable = per implementation

Some of the questions have more specific response options other than Y/N. All of the above additional options other than Y/N can apply in addition to the more discrete multiple-choice questions, where the rest of the above options can still be applicable.

Please answer all applicable questions, those skipped will be assumed as NA.

Each section of questions also allows for free form additional details, or an alternative summary level response for the more detailed questions in that section. These free form additional details or summary level responses can include links to external documents which include any visual and more presentable content that the provider would like their Knowledge Center solution provider response document to include.

Section 2 of 10: Clearing and Settlement

Section 3 of 10: Payment Types

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Section 5 of 10: Message Formats

Section 6 of 10: Governance/Compliance/Rules

Section 7 of 10: Use Cases

Section 8 of 10: Coverage

Section 9 of 10: Account Types

Section 10 of 10: Additional Features