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Company Name:Catalyst Corporate FCU
Solution Name:Pay Moli
Direct Customer

Credit Unions

Method of Clearing

RTP, ACH, Push to Card, Other

Summary Description

"With PayMōli you can send money to anyone| anywhere| anytime with an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. Aptys Solutions now offers a faster payments solution for FI's that provides FI customers a secure way to send money to anyone they know at anytime through their trusted community financial services provider. The good news| money is sent simply by using checking account or debit card information. And| if you're a correspondent financial services provider| we've designed the system with you in mind."

Other Description

FedNow and clear within network (In Network Exchange)            

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Bankers Bank / Corporate Credit Union - Index

This is a list of all providers/solutions represented in the Bankers Bank / Corporate Credit Union bar above. Just another way to view/browse.

Alloya Corporate FCU PayMōli (P2P Payments)
Alloya Corporate FCU Real Time Payments Settlement and Liquidity Management Services
Alloya Corporate FCU RTP Funding Agent
Alloya Corporate FCU Same Day ACH
Catalyst Corporate FCU PayMōli
Corporate One Federal Credit Union Funding Agent Services for RTP

Bankers Bank / Corporate Credit Union - Direct Customers

Bars will be clickable, just like the bars at the top. This chart shows the Direct Customers chosen by those that also chose Bankers Bank / Corporate Credit Union.

Banks 0
Credit Unions 6
Third Party Processors 0
Businesses / Corporates 0
Consumers 0

Bankers Bank / Corporate Credit Union - Network / Method of Clearing

This chart shows Network / Method of Clearing chosen by those that also chose Bankers Bank / Corporate Credit Union.

Push to Card 2
Zelle 0
Other 1