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The Path To Faster Payments Ubiquity Starts With You

Do you want a hand in shaping the future of the nation’s payments system? The U.S. Faster Payments Council (FPC) is an industry-led membership organization established so Americans can safely and securely pay anyone, anywhere, at any time and with near-immediate funds availability.

FPC members use private-sector approaches to address issues that inhibit adoption of faster payments, and enable end users to reach each other in ways as seamless and transparent to them as mobile texting.

The FPC gives members an edge in navigating the evolving faster payments landscape:

  • Focus on the larger goals of safety, security and adoption of all faster payments
  • Opportunities to broaden their reach and leverage investments across a much broader base of transactions
  • Safe forums for dialogue governed by strong antitrust guard rails
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Work Groups Are Where It's At!

Are you interested in having a voice on issues that currently stand in the way of achieving faster payments ubiquity in the United States? The FPC is currently recruiting members for 11 work groups:

Real-Time Recurring

Promotes the development and adoption of real-time recurring payment solutions for business end users and financial institutions.

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Education & Awareness

Develops an educational and awareness program to foster better understanding of faster payments and confidence among providers and users, ultimately driving adoption and transaction volumes, toward the industry goal of ubiquity.

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Works with existing fraud sharing forums to identify enhancements that will make processes more efficient and effective, with an aim towards fostering better user experiences, bolstering confidence and trust in faster payments.

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Cross-Border Payments

Gathers information/input on various models and use cases where there is a need or desire by consumers and businesses for real-time payments across borders.

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Secure Instant & Immediate Payment APIs

Develops guidelines and best practices for the use of secure APIs for enrolling/onboarding users and for the initiation of instant and immediate payments, regardless of the network used.

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Financial Inclusion 

Provides a blueprint for leveraging faster payments to accelerate access to the financial system for unbanked and underserved Americans.

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Operational Considerations for Instant & Immediate Payments

Provides financial institutions with guideposts to effectively manage operational change that instant and immediate payments have on bank operations.

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Digital Assets in the Financial Industry

Maps out how digital assets relate to the financial industry, focusing specifically on payments made with digital funds – central bank digital currency (CBDC), regulated liabilities and stablecoin.
Business Benefits of B2B Instant Payments

Accelerates the adoption of instant payments for businesses by addressing key challenges and identifying best practices with B2B Instant Payments. 
QR Code Interface

Promotes the adoption of faster payments by developing QR guidelines and best practices for use by end users and financial institutions.
Directory Models

Evaluates information, including reports produced by other industry-led work groups, intended to identify and assess an approach for best practices across directory models and/or dependent platforms for the faster payments ecosystem.

What Our Members Are Saying

The FPC has a significant role in developing the future of faster payments in the U.S. market, and that's one of the main reasons why Walmart is directly involved.

Matt Howarter
Senior Director, Payment Services

I believe the most important thing for us to focus on as an industry in order to advance faster payments is collaboration; we have that at the FPC.

Josh Karoly
Director, Payments

Driven by our shared vision, the FPC provides a nurturing and collaborative environment for emerging startups such as OurBanc to have a voice, contribute, and help shape the future of payments, one that is more sustainable, inclusive, and equitable for all Americans! 

David Dwumah 
Founder & CEO

Just as Alloya provides value to credit unions through collaboration and innovation, the collective insights of the FPC provide continuous momentum for faster payments adoption in the U.S.

Margo Gilles 
SVP, Payment Operations

Value of Membership

FPC membership provides you an opportunity to shape the future of faster payments and gain an edge in navigating the evolving faster payments landscape.


FPC members have access to the latest faster payments research, news and information, implementation support, and education and resources to fulfill their faster payments objectives.
Engage & Network

FPC members can participate in Work Groups  and committees to ensure their organizational needs and perspectives are considered, as well as to develop relationships with industry peers, potential partners, and customers.

We identify and evaluate practices, principles and guidelines to enable new faster payments opportunities, increased security and greater access. 
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Have an active voice in creating the future of faster payments by joining the U.S. Faster Payments Council! Membership is open to any organization with a stake in the U.S. payment system. FPC members enjoy safe forums for dialogue, participate on committees and work groups, and have access to FPC work products. Voting members may also run for a seat on the FPC Board of Directors.

  • Voting (General/Business) membership is open to financial institutions, payment network operators, technology providers, consumer organizations, business end users and other organizations with an interest in payments.
  • Non-voting (Associate) membership is open to single-person businesses and individuals with a professional interest in payments issues, who, if employed, are not in any way representing, reimbursed by, or funded by their employer.
  • Liaisons: Public sector organizations, regulators, policy makers and others may also participate in the FPC as non-voting liaisons upon invitation from the FPC’s Board.
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